Using 100% pure Argan oil

Haircare should be natural without harsh chemicals or other additives, right?

So why not look to how many others have been caring for their skin with natural oils that come straight from nature. If you are like me and want to use natural products on your hair, but when you look at the ingredients you noticed that they are not really that pure at all. There is either some kind of perservative or harsh filler that can take a toll on create a luxious feel of hair that is natural.

100% pure Argan oil is something that I have been using on my hair for several months now. I use it right after conditioning my hair as a prep for styling, blow drying, or even flat ironing. For me it has proven to be a natural moisturizer that seems to add an additional layer of protection.¬† You see, I haven’t had a relaxer in my hair for several years – I believe that I am going on 6 years now.¬† And for a while, I wasn’t straighten my hair at all. Just leaving it to the elements.

However, I wanted to get back into my hair looking nice and polished. So I would visit my stylish to flat iron my hair during the winter/spring months of October thru March. At this time I wasn’t using 100% pure Argan oil but I was using other oils such as Vitamin E, Jojoba, Tea tree and even peppermint oil in my hair. I usually made a mix of all of oils together and applied it to the ends mostly.

Then I wanted to try something different, and decided to try 100% pure organic virgin Argan oil and I can tell you that I have been hooked ever since. My hair feels alot better since adding argan oil to my haircare regimen. And since it is excellent moisturizing properties, you can also use it as a skin moisturizer as well.

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